Chen Linggang Solo Exhibition: On Reading and Writing

Red Gate Gallery is honoured to hold the exhibition Chen Linggang: On Reading and Writing from October 15 to November 5, 2016. 

Chen Linggang's works are composed of tiny square boxes. Although their appearance can look very similar, the boxes are all different. It can be a person, a building, a city. It can be a second, a day, a year… some can be a slip of paper, a page from the book, a paragraph of history, etc. They keep repeating themselves and become individual, yet co-dependent. The entire entity is also composed within a fluid, grid-like structure allowing each element to converse with each other. Within those works, there is a constantly changing rhythm - pulsing inside out. It not only brings more meaning to the works, but also makes me reflect on cultures and self-identity.

陈灵刚的作品都是由一个个小的方格子组成的,他们在外形上看都是非常的相似的,但实际上他们又是各不相同的。他可以是每个人、每栋建筑、每个城市⋯⋯也可以是每一秒、每一天、每一年…… 或是一页纸、一本书、 一段历史…… 他们不断的重复,既相互独立又是一个整体,而这个“整体”同时又是另一个整体的个体,他们互为主从,无限的延伸。 这些作品,在规律的外形下流动着不断变幻的形象与因素,这使得作品变得更加耐人寻味,进而把我们指向了对文化和自身的反思当中。

9 am - 5 pm Daily
Levels 1 & 4,
Dongbianmen Watchtower,
Dongcheng, Beijing
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